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Kompiam Station – The History

Kompiam Station was established as an out-station during the time of Australian administration. The Station consisted of well-constructed (for the time) barracks, reticulated power supply, good services and well laid out facilities. It is isolated but has a good airstrip.

Following Papua New Guinea (PNG) Independence in 1975, Kompiam Station deteriorated to a stage where only the remnants of the Station remained. Over the next two decades Kompiam (and Enga Province and the Highlands in general) reverted back to traditional lifestyle and traditional rules based on family (one talk) and retribution (pay back) that regularly flares into full blown tribal fighting.

Kompiam Station stood out from this like an oasis. The local people developed a system of law enforcement based on a mixture of British Law and Traditional Rules.

Within this ‘oasis’ and within the relative safety of Kompiam Station, facilities began to develop. A well run hospital [visit Kompiam Hospital website ] and several primary schools now exist at Kompiam Station.

Kompiam Station was established as an out-station on the very edge of European civilisation and PNG traditional lifestyle.

Kompiam Station has always been, and still remains, in the centre of ‘the wild frontier’ of Papua New Guinea. Yet, in seemingly contradiction to this fact, Kompiam Station is the safest place within the ‘wild frontier’.

Kompiam Station has a well recorded history, with many records held by Kompiam Lodge. The reference book Ways of Exchange by Dr Daryl Feil was researched in Kompiam, based on Engan traditional lifestyle.